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Five Incredible Films Shot in London

London is a city that every person wishes to visit at least one time in his or her life. The city boasts of rich culture and heritage and various age-old attractions. The city is a perfect blend of royal class and heritage together with some of the best modern-day infrastructures and buildings. Therefore, it is beyond doubt that it is one of the popular locations for any film shoot.

This article will present to you some of the 5 incredible films shot in London.

The Complete List of the Best Five

Here is the movies’ list that you have been waiting for, so let’s get started!

James Bond Series

It’s kind of difficult to pick only one from the entire 007 series, as almost each and every Bond movie has iconic scenes in London. Whether it is Casino Royale or any other movie, there have to be scenes from this city, and it’s kind of understandable given the series consists of class, casinos and many more elements, a lot of which can be associated with this city’s vibes. London and Europe as a whole, as a matter of fact, has a deep-rooted casino history with many of them now play UK mobile slots at many online casinos

Love Actually

A lot of people term this as a true London film and is definitely worth the title, as the movie which is a Christmas classic, has scenes right from Downing Street to the London river. The story has a lot of twists with several adorable characters which promise to make this a memorable one.

Notting Hill

The movie is shot in one of the prettiest neighborhoods of the city of London and is a story of a British owner of a bookshop who eventually falls in love with an American movie star. The movie falls in the genre of romantic comedy and just ticks all the boxes.

Four Weddings and a Funeral

Four Weddings and a Funeral has remained as a London classic over the years no matter how many new movies get shot here in this beautiful city.  Several favourites including Hugh Grant are a part of this movie with scenes from Covent Garden, Sloane Square, Highbury Fields and even more.

The Harry Potter Series

The series needs no introduction as almost everyone here all across the globe has heard and watched at least one movie of this iconic series of magic and thrill. Almost every movie of the Harry Potter fame has scenes from the city of London. The Leadenhall market scene was shot for the entrance to Diagon Alley, while the station of Kings Cross was filmed for the platform which happened to be the boarding pass of Hogwarts.

There are many such scenes from London in the Harry Potter as well as several other movies, thus reflecting the city’s escape and culture. There are even several senses shot in London that will always occupy a space in our memories.

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