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Interview with Trae Taylor

Welcome to Trae! We are loving your latest release “Sippin” What can you tell us all about the new song?

The new song is a little different but was made in the same space and with the same amount of detail. It’s about loss but has a chorus that will keep you!

What is your creative process like when bringing a song to life? Did you write this one?  
I did, I took part in writing all of my music. I really just start with a feeling which translates into a melody. That melody brings memories and experiences with it that I then turn into lyrics!

Do you have a favorite part about pursuing music? Is it writing, recording, performing?

It is definitely the writing and performing. I love seeing people react to my music and feel something from a song I created.
Did any artists have influenced your music the most and why?Most definitely, big fan of Michael Jackson, Elvis, Prince, James Brown, all of the greats. When it comes to my sound, Jimmie Allen, Thomas Rhett, Kane Brown, a little Morgan Wallen.

Thanks for answering our questions today. We appreciate your time.  Tell fans where they can find you and follow along and also listen to your new music! 
You can find me everywhere @traetaylormusic and you can listen to my music on  all platforms but I’m really loving my Spotify community right now! They show the must love haha but maybe we can change that?!

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