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Single Review: Sp8ce Owl – “Voices in My Head”

Independent artists are having an amazing autumn right now, and you needn’t listen any further than the new sounds of Sp8ce Owl’s latest single to understand why. While the American underground might have bested some of the players in his scene in the last couple of years with regards to the experimental beat, songs like the single “Voices In My Head” have the power to change the narrative exponentially.

With the help of an existential approach to almost every little element within the track, this underrated solo project offers up what could be the best composition he’s penned since arriving on the scene just a few years ago. I hadn’t intently listened to much of his work before this, but his captivating command of the music won’t be easy to forget anytime soon.

“Voices In My Head” is a very melody-centric recording. Everything in the instrumentation has color and feeds into the narrative implied by the tempo, as the song is sans lyrics, which is more than can be said for a lot of the major label singles of a similar persuasion making headlines this year.



There’s no filler for us to try and sift through to get to the guts of the groove, nor is there any moment that feels forced on the part of Sp8ce Ow. This artist is playing through this track as though it’s a stream-of-consciousness performance whilst dispensing one of the more evenly-arranged pieces of music I’ve heard out of the underground instrumental circuit in a very long time.

I just found out about Sp8ce Owl in the last year, but I’m going to be looking for more of his music as he gets his footing in the international pop spectrum in 2022. Whether it’s the connection to the music he shares with the audience or simply the fact that he’s in an amazing place at this point in his career, I like what he’s hinting at for his future in this song. He’ll have a lot of opportunities coming ahead of him as long as he keeps his nose to the grindstone, and provided he brings the same passion to his next release as he did here, he will continue to ride a wave of success into stardom.


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