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The New Age pushes melodic and emotional boundries with “Name Your Price”

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On November 25th alternative rock outfit “The New Age” released their latest single “Name Your Price,” an experience wrapped in pain, passion, love, and raw emotion.

Crafting a sound that inspires introspection, vigor, hope, and an adrenaline rush that overwhelmingly settles in while also creating The New Age’s powerful atmosphere is something that can only be experienced. A sound that strengthens one’s connection through their elegantly complex guitar work and impressively eclectic vocal style, is something that this heavy rock band from Columbus, Ohio does best.

“The inspiration for the song is about having a toxic relationship either with a person or vice and the willingness to cherish it no matter how far down it might lead you into a deeper and deeper depression; in other words longing for that someone or something and it not necessarily being good for you and the denial/tunnel vision that can come from all of that. The song started from an instrumental idea that I (Trevor) had written over the span of a couple of days. I showed the song to Justin and he hopped in our modest recording booth and improvised the opening title lyrics “Just Name Your Price.” That whole first sequence was actually his first take and we ended up shaping the rest of the song around it. We wanted the video to have somewhat of an Adventure Time/innocent looking vibe to contrast with the darker underlying meaning.”

Combining this expression with polished and intricate form, The New Age throws everything on the table and tackles the many difficult situations that we’re are thrown into in this life.

Watch the brand-new music video on YouTube.

Listen to “Name Your Price” on Spotify.

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