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Pop Baby – We The Women


Singer/songwriter POP BABY, from Pittsburgh, PA, is one man on a mission to change common sexual stereotypes and today’s music scene. He not only wants to change the way we see and hear pop culture with one song at a time but also questions our preconceived conceptions about strong and fearless women, and how males in society relate to them.

“We The Women”, intended to be a unifying equal rights anthem, tells a story of standing up for the female portion of the population that carries an important message of standing for and with people, and not against them. As the world moves nearer to ending another year, one that’s been most tumultuous for many, it’s a message that once more we must well be reminded of.

Pop Baby is on an interesting journey since debuting last October; a journey that will lead to the release of his first EP, titled “Redemption”, on January 6, 2023.




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