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Spreading Christmas Cheer with Andy Ross

The holiday season has brought warmth each year by various blessings and well wishes from communities everywhere. It is one of the best feelings, and Andy Ross is here to sing on “Make Christmas Great Again” about just how important it is to normalize including the word and beliefs of Christmas in such messages.
Each winter season, the debate rolls around about how to wish someone well during such a season filled with numerous religious celebrations. However, at the heart of each of these celebrations is community and regardless of the words used, the sentiment is equally as warm and cheerful. That being said, the morale around every holiday and their blessings should be raised, and regardless of the wording, Ross hopes hearts are full, receiving the thoughtfulness of others.
At a time of coming together, it is simply a minutiae detail that is going against what we all hope to foster during such months and all year round.
Holding the phrase “Merry Christmas” to high regard and in hopes of “Making Christmas Great Again” Andy motivates audiences to not hesitate to wish all, celebrating and not, the same cheer that he hopes to receive this season. Tied with a bow of relatable lyrics and a rockin’ melody, this tune is fit for every Christmas celebration to come.
There are great stories to be told in regards to different communities and perspectives surrounding various holiday seasons and Andy’s new holiday songs are the perfect light-hearted tune to unpack such. Even if it is at a family dinner. Generations will be able to relate and bond over all the energy they put into keeping their celebrations alive among all the others gaining increased acceptance. Never concerned with anything anyone may think, his Christmas single outlines just how unafraid he is of being blunt when it comes to religious traditionalism.
You can listen to his Christmas wishes for all at the following link: https://youtu.be/amm4DW96k5Q and keep up with all-sides of Andy Ross at his website: https://andyross.com/ and any of his socials below.
Instagram: @andyrossrebel
Article by Jamison Costolnick

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