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Album Review: Stuart Ross Carlson – Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS

Music such as that made by Stuart Ross Carlson reminds us just how close the worlds of classical and contemporary music are. There have been iconic figures of the past, such as Bartok, Grieg, and especially Vaughn Williams, who have been keen collectors of the folk music of their respective countries, giving those songs new leases of life in the classical world. And that is what is going on here.

The project was born when PBS Television station KTWU in Topeka commissioned him to write a series of pieces of the same name, currently aimed at the local market but with a national release marked for 2024. The first single, Fiddle Suite (in A Major), is now available.

“Portrait of a Landscape: SEASONS” is a fantastic mix of classical and country, orchestral and folk music, blurring the lines between more formal and rootsy worlds and again underlining that music is just music. It can, indeed should, be allowed to take whatever form it likes, regardless of ideas of genre, style, and even potential audience. Just let the music speak for itself. And this album is the perfect example of why.

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