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Single Review: “Fire on the Mountain” Bill Crews

Radiant with a melodicism that has, unfortunately, become a bit of a rarity on the mainstream side of the dial in the last ten years or so, the guitar parts that we find inside of “Fire on the Mountain,” the new single from Bill Crews, are undeniably the most important component of the harmony that the track is built upon, and even if you’re unfamiliar with this artist’s discography, it’s hard not to notice the amount of skill and experience he brings to the instrumental end of his latest release. Crews is approachable, richly poetic, and exposed in a way that so few players in the folk, country, and adult contemporary Americana genres are willing to be in 2022 here, making “Fire on the Mountain” one of the great songs of its kind to debut in the year thus far.

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Bill Crews and his band aren’t just showing off his capabilities as a guitarist and leader in this track; truth be told, this is some of the strongest vocal work he’s turned in to date. He’s demonstrated a rather reserved attitude with his verses before now, but that reticence is missing from this composition – in its place, we discover nothing but a willingness to be heard, and a desire to get this narrative across with a serenade as potent as any of the actual words are. Crews is moving forward and undaunted by the task set before him in “Fire on the Mountain,” essentially confirming his status as being among the more able rising stars in his peer group today.



I only just recently started exploring Bill Crews’ young catalog of releases again, but “Fire on the Mountain” is unquestionably one of his best songs to hit record stores in the time he’s been in the spotlight. Even if you’ve never heard his music before, I encourage you to get out and acquire a copy of Crews’ cornerstone single in “Fire on the Mountain” sooner than later. Country enthusiasts won’t regret it, and the same can probably be said for anybody who loves a solid, organic melody of the country variety.

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