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Introducing: Josh Remi

Blending elements of pop, R&B, dance, and urban music into a signature style, Josh Remi is undoubtedly getting noticed in all the suitable quarters. His debut album, The Interval, is inspired by real-life experiences and, as such, offers relatable narratives and easy-to-appreciate messages. Look a little deeper below the evident pop inventiveness and soulful deliveries, and you will find that often darker energies act as the driving force for his music, such as longing, love, and loss, as well as the feeling of questioning who he is.

Using the act of making music, in some ways, as a redemptive process, Remi has poured all of his traumas, feelings, and anxieties into the making of this album. And what may have begun perhaps as a form of escapism has emerged from the other end of the process as a gorgeously rich multi-genre album.

Based in Jacksonville, Florida, this rising star’s latest single from the album is C8, which blends his influences into a slick signature style and indicates his passion for Corvettes.




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