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Interview: Jef Rhodes of Them Damn Kings discusses new album, Rise Up

Savannah, Georgia collective Them Damn Kings is gaining serious traction with their debut album, Rise Up, which has been warmly received by way of review coverage and consistent presence on American metal radio since its release this past September. Cemented by singer/multi-instrumentalist Jef Rhodes and drummer Ryan Folden, the band is planning further live dates to support the album, as well as more music to release in the future. I first spoke to Jef Rhodes on November 18th, 2020, while the band was promoting their debut single, “Throw It Away”, and their album was tentatively considered for a May release the following year as Covid-19’s devastation fast became rampant.

Yesterday, I followed up with Jef, and it was great to catch up after all this time. The band recently toured in support of Gemini Syndrome as a four-piece, and is currently looking for a successor to second guitarist Lando Carter, who left the band on amicable terms. In addition to our discussion of the new album and the tour, we touch upon other topics, such as finding a sense of community in trying times, as well as strengthening and solidifying bonds with close friends.

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