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Single Review: Nicky Roland – “Ghost in the Machine”

Two Songs drop from DJ Producer Nicky Roland... he takes you back to the Side A  Side B days of the 12″ Remix!    Ghost In The Machine is a Detroit Techno tune with a HUGE Juan Atkins/Model 500 influence; On the Flip Side is  11:59 is an early 90s French Hip-Hop style tune (English lyrics) with a political message. 11:59 may well be the 1st hip-hop track with no samples (apart from the vocals).

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Growing up in London, Nicky was at the forefront of the Underground party scene in the early 90’s working with the legendary Party Group Coalesce Sound and Vision. Organising what was labelled as the best House Nights in the UK. Now residing in Denver CO he continues to release those Retro inspired hits.

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