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Single Review: “Sneaky Style” DRK

Verses and synthesizers dance in decadent synchronicity. They’ve got a swing in their step and a bounce in the beats that they’re forging out of thin air. The percussion kicks in, and Dude Reppin Knowhere’s hard delivery comes into focus next to a honey-sweet 80s-style melody that is surreal, airy, and yet powerfully emotive.

This is “Sneaky Style,” the new single from DRK, and it doesn’t waste any time before dishing out a heavenly harmony that will induce chills among rap fans in even the most cursory of listens. “Sneaky Style” blankets its audience in a symphony of instrumental colors and textured lyrics that are delivered to us with a graceful groove that is addictive to no end. 2022 has been an excellent year for artists within the international pop lexicon, but there’s not a doubt in my mind that discriminating music enthusiasts won’t find another track quite like this one as they scour record stores for a hot new slice of urban rhythm and seductive hip-hop swagger this June.



In the music video for “Sneaky Style,” we get a front-row seat for a lush display of the carefree lifestyle that DRK enjoys as a modern-day rockstar of a burgeoning indie scene. His relaxed, uninhibited attitude is quite contagious, to put it mildly – whether you only have ten dollars in your pocket or are boasting ten million in the bank, listening to this confident beat whilst taking in the lavish imagery of the video has a way of making anyone feel as rich as the fabled tech giants of Silicone Valley.

The directing is spot-on, and even with the larger-than-life visual spectacle taking place before our eyes, there’s no interruption in the fluidity of the music. The rhythm is nuanced by the shots that adorn our screen in “Sneaky Style,” and if DRK had perhaps gone with a more stripped-down look in this video, I don’t know that he would have been able to yield nearly as much excitement as we make our way through these formidable waves of melody, tonality, and texture.


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