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Single Review: Count Pariah “Paranoia”

At first glance, there’s a lot about the new single “Paranoia” by Count Pariah that reminds me of progressive metal acts like Tool, specifically back in the 1990s when alternative rock was influencing the standard for all music. Upon a closer inspection, however, to credit anyone in the old school with what this band is trying to develop here would be to discount the emotion in their message, which is probably the most exciting element to appreciate about “Paranoia.” Instrumentally this song has as much to say as it does lyrically, and in heavy music, that’s something even the band knew critics would be talking about right now.

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The lead vocal here is actually pretty understated, but this is fine when taking into account the fragility of the arrangement as we get a little deeper into the song. I would have put the bass parts ahead of the drums, but this current setup nonetheless produces a lot of catharses as we reach the peak of the melodic twisting and turning. I don’t know how they would do live, but this is a band that knows how to make the most of a recording studio, and those who listen to “Paranoia” will likely agree with my sentiments.



There’s a terrifying lack of focus in a lot of the underground rock I’ve been listening to over the past summer, but this isn’t true of this single for even a moment’s time. Count Pariah comes into this release with a lot more insight into the mechanics of good rock n’ roll than anyone could have anticipated they would, and while I think they’re going to develop more full-bodied material in the future, what this says about who they are as a band is good enough for me to count myself as a new fan and follower of their music.


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