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Single Review: Sicily Jordan “You Got Me”

There’s something quite elegant about the structure of Sicily Jordan’s new single “You Got Me,” and it isn’t necessarily the vocal or the melodies that are framing its statements. “You Got Me” is built the old fashioned way, with a ton of focus afforded to its hook and the tension preceding it, but when we get to the climax of this single, it’s obvious that the song has more layers to its foundation than we would have initially guessed. Although I’m a fan of cut-and-dry pop music, this is a piece that takes things to the next level without asking for a lot of attention in exchange.

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The first influence that really stood out to me when analyzing the core of “You Got Me” was ABBA, as both the main harmonies as well as the route we’re taking to reach them have a lot in common with “Dancing Queen” while being entirely different from a sonic perspective. There’s a hidden indulgence here that’s just waiting to come undone, and if Jordan is able to unleash it in future performances I have a feeling she‘s going to get even more praise for her work than she already has thus far.



Sicily Jordan has a big future ahead of her, and anyone who didn’t think as much is going to be singing quite a different tune by the time this single has found its signature audience this season. There’s a lot to unpack within “You Got Me,” but as anyone who listens to the track will find out inside of its first thirty seconds, there’s even more to be discovered within the persona Jordan is establishing for herself in this performance without much assistance from beyond the glass. I’ll be hanging around for more of her output, and I think many other critics and pop disciples are going to do the same.


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