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Single Review: Caracol “Infinity”

When is the last time a song came out that encapsulated a season so perfectly, it made you nostalgic for a season you weren’t even in? Fans of Fleet Foxes might agree that their music feels very seasonal, and their four albums evoke feelings of all four seasons across the discography. Music is a magical tool we sometimes take for granted as it can transport us across time and space into memories of places that once felt far off.

In Canadian artist Caracol’s case, her latest single “Infinity” can grab autumn by the feet and throw it straight into the sun as the summer vibes continue with no end in sight. It’s a rare feat to capture the power of a season in the palm of your hands, but Caracol has managed to do so with relative ease, and this is only the first single on her upcoming album so… something tells me we aren’t sure what to expect from her.

“Infinity” is a bouncy, upbeat sizzler of a single, bringing in the talents of Mike Clay (Clay & Friends) to duet a pretty straightforward piece of nostalgic summer anthem alumni. The song feels classic in that it isn’t new, calling back to distant, sunny emotions and rhythms you can’t quite place, but its freshness is also what gives “Infinity” legs to stand on.



A market and sound are being tapped into on this single that nobody in mainstream pop is doing, and the future of mainstream, radio-friendly music might be smart to take notice — Caracol is laying the groundwork for the genres and styles people will be loving in as little as two years from now. Great artists never create music for instant gratification and Caracol seems to know that; trendsetting is a much better gig than playing catch-up, so the wise thing to do is start a movement. Easier said than done for some, maybe, but Caracol could argue it’s easier done than said.

The undeniable summer feelings of “Infinity” give the track immortal energy that will always take over when the song arrives. Be it on shuffle, live, or from within the album’s tracklist, there’s a great knack for production and classic pop energy on display. “I’m a king, she a queen, we can rule on everything. Let me dream, let me dream, from now to infinity.”

The singability is important to a song as bouncy and enjoyable as this, and the lyrical content never feels shoved down your throat or pretentious. It’s simple, but not dumb; it’s aware of its purpose and is more than happy to deliver something akin to a fastball straight down the middle. “So they told me, you must live to be free. Slept all day, now I dream, every night is make-believe.” Complete with a chorus of “da da da da da da da da-da’s,” it’s formulaic in the best ways and invites listeners out onto the dance floor without any hesitation. Caracol has struck gold with “Infinity,” a song that feels bound to come back into popularity for all infinity.


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