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Single Review: “A Million I’s” Gungor

Gungor has released his new song, “A Million I’s.” This song will instantly connect with fans of various genres, including indie, indie folk, indie pop, and indie rock. Additionally, anyone looking for songs containing universally appealing messages will enjoy this song.

The song starts with an opening acoustic guitar played mid-tempo and the sound of breathing. Soon after, listeners will hear the first lyrics: “I’m a million I’s looking in a mirror/I am death and life/Flowing like a river.” These are thought-provoking lyrics that demonstrate Gungor’s focus on crafting quality lyrics. To balance this out, they make the chorus easily memorable: Twelve placements of the phrase “Ya hey,” with “Key on breathing” sprinkled in intermittently three times. This is a universally appealing chorus with a message that anyone will be able to connect to. Keeping both the complex nature of the verses and the universal catchiness of the chorus in mind, it is easy to see why many would be prone to give this a repeat listen.

To listen to “A Million I’s” by Gungor on Spotify, visit this link (https://open.spotify.com/track/4BfRlIBuEk2SKPJaDtYB4H?si=746525477ea9498e).

To learn more about Gungor, visit his website at this link (http://www.gungormusic.com/welcome).

Gungor is fronted by Michael Gungor and is a Grammy-nominated band. “A Million I’s” is the first single off his upcoming album “Love Song to Life.”


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