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Single Review: “Forever Love” Mew Suppasit

Singer Mew Suppasit has released his single “Forever Love.” This is a song sure to be enjoyed by anyone who loves listening to pop music. Additionally, the romantic lyrics in “Forever Love” will make this a fitting listen for anyone who wants songs about love. Finally, anyone who enjoys fun and uptempo music should give “Forever Love” a listen. This song has universal appeal due to its broad messaging and catchy beat. 

The highlight of “Forever Love” is arguably the chorus, where Mew Suppasit’s voice soars, and listeners will indeed be able to understand his emotion. Lyrics including “Please don’t let me drown in these deeper waters” indicate he wants help from somebody to improve his situation. The scenes in the music video are centered on water, mainly on a beach and boat. 

Essentially Mew Suppassit wants to live a “Forever Love” with those around him and not have any stress or worry about any struggles. Collaboration BUMPKEY intermittently adds lyrics in Korean, giving a different flavor to the song and treating those bilingual in English and Korean. 

To listen to “Forever Love” on Spotify, visit this link (https://open.spotify.com/track/0vw7qY8iPqBt0ic05q2IoU?si=77bf445eb8ba46b0&nd=1). 

To watch the official “Forever Love” music video on YouTube,  visit this link (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WdgmA6nbA1g). 

To learn more about Mew Suppasit, visit this link (https://mewsuppasitstudio.com/). 

Finally, to find all the ways to stream “Forever Love,” visit this link (https://adamewsuppasit.lnk.to/FOREVERLOVE). 


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