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Single Review: Star2 “Go!”

In addition to making quality music in the first place, the very concept of meeting the hype a good slew of buzz in the underground can give you in this business can be next to impossible – unless you’re someone like Star2. Star2’s new single “GO!” is getting a lot of focus from the critics this month, and while some might not be so sure about the legitimacy of its placement on a lot of autumn must-listen lists, those who have heard his work before know why it’s there at all.

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Instrumentally, this has got to be one of the more black-and-white efforts in its creator’s larger body of work, but this ends up benefiting him in a couple of ways. Because there are no oversized instrumental elements in the mix, Star2 has nothing to beef with at the microphone, and he’s able to make his vocal delivery with what has to be the smoothest backdrop of any he’s straddled to date. Is it underwhelming? Perhaps, but only to the extent that we’re denied a much more rigid and rocky trip between points a and b in exchange for the masterful work we’re being offered in this performance.



Brooding beyond the standard in hip-hop and pop these days and yet removed from the more sensitive side I’m used to hearing when Star2 records new music, the intriguing “GO!” has a lot of different elements that can grab your attention, but it’s the voice at the helm of the material that provides the biggest reason to come back for more. There’s a lot that this player can do in the studio, but as of now, I think we’re going to start talking more about the story he wants to tell with his music than we are the actual methods or techniques he’s employing – which is a win for him as an artist for sure.


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