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Single Review: Obi Alfred “Mind”

Recording artist Obi Alfred has released the song “Mind.” This is a song that would best be enjoyed by those who like listening to R&B music, as Obi Alfred is primarily an R&B artist. However, “Mind” also has elements of pop that also opens up the song’s appeal to those who enjoy listening to pop music. Finally, anyone looking for songs with smooth vocals should check out “Mind,” as this is the style in which Obi Alfred delivers the lyrics.

“Mind” begins with an intro that sees Obi Alfred singing, “Girl you got me caught in my mind.” From here, it is clear that “Mind” is a song about a woman, and in particular, the effect and lasting impact she has had on him. He starts the first verse with “Trapped in my mind,” further demonstrating this woman has left her mark on him. In the chorus, he sings, “Girl won’t you take my love,” and continues to cite that he is constantly thinking about her and the possibility of them being in a relationship. Throughout the entire song, it becomes clear he has true feelings for this girl and truly wants to be her romantic partner. Obi Alfred does an excellent job at conveying his emotions.

Listen to “Mind” by Obi Alfred on Spotify via this link (https://open.spotify.com/album/2iN3LTCRu2q2kJtm6OgAn3). To connect with Obi Alfred on Instagram @obialfredx, visit this link (https://www.instagram.com/obialfredx/) and check out his website at this link (https://www.obialfred.com/).

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