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Andy Ross Releases “All American Heart”

This one goes out to everyone who keeps the heart of America beating. To the “corn field farmers, oil rig rough necks and the small town teachers” everyone who has an “All American Heart”. Andy Ross has always been one to believe that the people are who keep the gears turning for the American dream to keep working. “All American Heart” represents Andy Ross at his core. He obtained his GED to start a music career with his early single American Rebel, which developed into his entire brand where he is CEO. Andy built himself up believing in the American dream and believing in the sounds of American southern rock and country music.

“All American Heart” is a celebration of that classic southern rock sound. Opening with crunchy electric guitars and a snare rim rhythm bringing the listener back to a time when Skynyrd were topping the charts. Andy comes in with grit in his voice and a message to share. We need to respect those keeping America as we remember it to be,”The goal was to write a song for the hard working men and women of this country that would pull on the heartstrings of America.”

“All American Heart” accomplishes Andy’s goals as the song continues to switch between its directed verses and its roaring chorus. Joined by a classic country sound full of: drums, strings and harmonies Andy soars over “All American Heart’s” bombastic chorus. The message’s through line is made broader in the chorus as Andy focusses on everyone “Living the dream with an all American heart,” instead of focussing on individuals throughout the country. Up lifting and patriotic “All American Heart” is a track perfect for celebrating the United States and all those that keep its heart beating.

You can listen to the new anthem for the heartbeat of America now:  https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/andyross/all-american-heart

“All American Heart” is now available on all major streaming services. You can follow Andy Ross on all major social media outlets @AndyRossRebel and on his website www.andyross.com.

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