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EP Review: “Feeling Colors” by Moody Bank$

R&B/Soul artist Moody Bank$ has released the EP “Feeling Colors.” This EP would suit anyone who enjoys listening to R&B and soul music and who likes love songs. Finally, anyone who is a fan of 90s vibe should also listen to this EP.

“Feeling Colors” contains nine tracks: “Note To Self,” “Work It Out, “Joy Ride,” “Sticky Situations,” “La La La,” “Red Lights,” “Easy Bake,” “Ree’s Interlude,” and “Awe of You.”

Upon first listening, listeners will come to realize that every song on “Feeling Colors” works well with one another to create a strong EP that showcases both Moody Bank$’s strengths as well as her versatility.

For example, the first song, “Note To Self,” is notably downtempo as she sings the likes of “Don’t worry worry worry about it.” However, the following song in “Work It Out” is much more upbeat as she sings about wanting to give her significant other as much love as possible. “Joy Ride” is more laid back and is a romantic R&B song, while “Sticky Situations” slows the tempo down as Moody Bank$ sings about being in tough dilemmas.

“La La La” is a powerful and catchy song about someone in whom she does not have an interest. “Red Lights” switches up the tone of the album, with the entirety of the heavy 87-second song pitched down. “Easy Bake” has a mid-tempo sound and, like “Joy Ride,” is a romantic love song, this time leaning more in the soul genre. Followed by the one-minute long “Ree’s Interlude,” a spoken word that sees Moody Bank$ saying, “God called me, and he told me to tell you, you are worthy.”

Finally, the EP closes with “Awe of You,” a mid-tempo romantic R&B song with a relaxing tone. It leaves listeners remembering Moody Bank$ as a recording artist worth following.


To listen to “Feeling Colors” by Moody Bank$ on Spotify, visit this link https://open.spotify.com/album/65cRCs30v2iDhfdXNaCPQQ


To visit Moody Bank$’s website, visit this link



Finally, to follow Moody Bank$ on Instagram @m00dybanks, visit this link https://www.instagram.com/m00dybanks/




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