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Single Review: The Real You” Nya

In the new single “The Real You,” Nya doesn’t want to be fragile with her words but rather chases a sense of vulnerability that all of us desire when trying to form a perfect relationship. Her love interest is the music itself, and her efforts to break down the wall between an artist and her medium are quite bold, to say the least. For Nya, the struggle is real, but for the audience, the majesty of her output in this performance is simply too profound to be ignored, and it’s why a lot of critics are calling this one of her best tracks to date.

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Nya isn’t just using her voice to make a point in this song but aligning the harmonies with the rhythm in a way that reminds me a lot of the classical giants of old even more than it does any recent stars in the pop music lexicon. She’s carrying so much weight on her shoulders here, poetically speaking, but she bears the burden with an immensely humble attitude. Her unshielded emotionality is captivating and very attractive, and it was one of the main reasons why I felt as swept away by “The Real You” as I did in the first place.



There aren’t many artists in this current generation of pop that I would say live up to the hype that their music can produce with the right marketing, but Nya is an absolute exception if I’ve ever heard one before. “The Real You,” as its name suggests to us, is about showing us who this artist is when all of the chips are down, and unlike her irreverence-addicted peers, she’s got passions she wants to share with the world here – and they’re readily accessible to anyone who sits down with this song and its uncompromising music video anytime soon.


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