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Kel Adore shares new single “Still a Child”

The new single from Kel Adore, titled “Still a Child”, admits that we aren’t the only ones wishing to go back to simpler times, and it is nothing to be ashamed of, in fact, it’s healthy!

Everything was simpler when we were unaware of the future ahead of us – one we cannot predict or prepare for. Living life to purely live has been so frequently overlooked with all of life’s pressures, responsibilities, and stresses forced upon us. Truth is, you’ve worked hard enough, and you are not alone. It is okay to take a break and rest in the simplicity of a youth mindset. That kid we were isn’t gone, they just have a lot more to handle now and that can be quite the daunting thing to balance when coming into adulthood.
Throughout this track, Kel highlights how vital it is to remind yourself of your purpose. Big or small, it is there, and feeding into such a thing will only bring you closer to the path you need to thrive upon. Trying to keep that homey vibe, “For the production we incorporated sounds from old VHS tapes and players. We wanted this song to feel nostalgic and my producer has such a talent for really bringing the songs to life.” And that it did. At the end of the track you can even hear voice memos of her nieces and nephews singing and shouting in a carefree manner, acting as the perfect closure to a song that is supposed to transport you back to your own childhood.
Growing up in the digital age, it has become more convenient to capture every moment on our phones and devices, however the novelty of such that existed in the time of digital cameras is not as alive as it once was. That being said, we don’t watch back our upbringing, sitting in the family room, like many used to. We clip the most memorable moments, and those often exclude lulls of inactivity or negative emotion.
Although this is a great keepsake, we can quickly lose touch with how much we had to endure to make it where we are today. It didn’t change us, but evolved us to be stronger and wiser, but underneath it all, we are “Still A Child” through and through.

Don’t miss the new release “Still A Child” by Kel Adore. Click here to stream it: https://ffm.to/o22ma7o.OWE

For more on Kel Adore, head to https://www.keladore.com/ and follow her on social media @keladore on Tiktok and @keladoremusic on Instagram.

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