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Single Review: The Roughhousers “Baby Brother”

Whether you’re calling them a children’s act or just a rockabilly duo that happens to appeal to kids of all ages, The Roughhousers’ credibility as an indie band is impossible for anyone to debate at this point. In their latest single, “Baby Brother,” we’re once again reminded why they’ve been getting the level of hype they have been through a collage of harmonies that, when peddled against as American a beat as this, feel like they could turn up the energy on just about any situation. The Roughhousers know their clientele, and clearly, that pool is expanding by the day.

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Instrumentally, there’s nothing too experimental going on in “Baby Brother,” but I’m hesitant to call it a stock composition because of the fluidity with which singer Grey DeLisle is able to connect some of the more jagged points in the rhythm together.

The visual scheme of the music video is a lot more clandestine than what its source material might have inspired in another set of performers, but let’s be fair – this isn’t a pair that needs to embellish a video with fancy cosmetics to sweep us away with their freewheeling spirit. From ages one to ninety-nine, this is a jam you don’t have to think about but just kick back and listen to.



For all the players that think putting conceptualism at the forefront of your career is the right move, even when you’ve got a great straightforward sound, The Roughhousers are here to restore a bit of reality to your life and raise the bar that much higher for those who want to break into this business. They’ve been scoring points with audiences and observers the same lately, and it’s easy for me to get on the bandwagon too after listening to the work they have to offer in “Baby Brother.”


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