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Video has killed the Streaming Star Again!

From Mental Zoo to Ink My Skin along with The Sky Is Falling Sarah Sunday’s Music Videos will take you back to the days when Music Videos Ruled the world on MTV.  Sarah’s music videos are far from the usual put together fast lick that you see nowadays. Her songs and videos will play over and over again in your head. Catch all her music videos via the link below and you’ll feel like you’re watching Videos on MTV.


Catch all her banger poppy hits on your favourite streaming service and request them in the clubs.  Her songs have been a HIT on the Charts of Starfleet Music Record Pool where Billboard Reporting DJ’s get their music.

Formed from a chance meeting between Sarah Sunday and Her Producer Mbj.  Sarah Sunday has delivered a String of Poppy, Punky, EDM, Tracks resulting in 3 # 1 Singles on Starfleet Music Record Pool, Multiple on-line interviews and well received  rave reviews.  Make sure Follow her on social media to see what’s on Sarahsundaymusic on Instagram  Sarahsundaymus2 on twitter

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