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Single Review: IZ.M.B. “Recover”

“And oh God, I’m starting to discover / How it is to recover / Even a shred of dignity / When it takes everything I’ve got to fix the spot / You broke my heart,” tells a passionate IZ.M.B. in her new single and lyric video “Recover,” with not a spot of her emotional delivery going without a potent presence as she offers it in this mix. “Recover” is not a track that was crafted specifically with the radio in mind, nor does it feel like a jam session created for its star artist to let off some steam; this is about power and self-awareness, and it’s one of the better songs of its kind I’ve heard lately.

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There’s a symphonic rock feel to this track that really strikes me as being over the top for the kind of vocal this singer is working with, but at the same time, the contrast between her fragile emissions and the monstrous tonality of the instrumentation forms some of the best emotional friction in the whole of the song. We’re always right in the center of the action with IZ.M.B., and she never lets us down when it comes to putting everything on the line.



I can’t wait to hear what this artist has got planned for her next release, and judging from the capacity for poetic development she’s already showcasing in a song like “Recover,” I haven’t any doubts as to whether or not IZ.M.B. is going to be a force few can reckon with both in and outside of her rather insular local scene. There’s a lot of push for minimalism at the moment, but in the spirit of grinding alternative pop-rock, this is a listen that I would take over some of the more barebones content debuting right now any day of the week.

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