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Single Review: HeIsTheArtist “Parted Waves”

There’s nothing better than music that touches your soul. The new release, “Parted Waves”, by Heistheartist is a soulful track that hits you deep and tugs on your heartstrings. As he sings about his faith and his fight against evil, you can feel how strong his belief is.

Heistheartist has a soothing voice that sits well on the simple instrumental and structure of the song. However, the instrumental still carries weight of its own. The guitar strumming itself feels emotional. It perfectly complements his voice as he spills his heart and soul.

In times of trouble, we turn to what comforts us and guides us. Listening to Heistheartist’s song of faith and struggle is inspiring and a reminder that we shouldn’t give up in the face of evil. It’s brave for anyone to expose their struggles and fears, and music is the perfect outlet for that. That’s why music is so powerful, and Heistheartist effectively utilized the power of it with this song.

–Emily Mays


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