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Single Review: Cory M. Coons “Long Hard Rain”

Lyric mastery paired with an emotionally deep instrumental can lead to an incredible song, and those are the building blocks of Cory M. Coons’ latest single titled “Long Hard Rain”. The guitar playing in this song is captivating, and paired with Cory’s smooth vocals, the powerful strums make this song even more pleasing to listen to. It’s a perfect example of multiple working elements.

Heartbreak and pain can be described in all kinds of ways, but I purely enjoy the way it’s related to long, hard rain in this track. When used correctly and efficiently, metaphors are powerful in songwriting, and Cory uses them to his advantage to deepen the meanings of his songs. The best songs are the ones that make you feel something, and this one doesn’t lack any emotion.

When there’s darkness, there is light that always breaks through. Despite the pain and sadness described in this song, there is also a subtle mention of hope for the future. A broken heart doesn’t last forever when time is the ultimate healer. I enjoy songs that tell a story or describe an experience. Songwriters are some of the best storytellers out there, and Cory certainly has a way with words.

–Emily Mays




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