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Single Review: The Dead Daisies – “Radiance”

There’s a lot of history behind every note of music you hear in a song by The Dead Daisies, and between all of the musicians who comprise this band, you could make a strong argument for there not even being a contemporary rock n’ roll genre without their influence. As a group, they’re staying lit into 2022 with the new single “Radiance,” and for those who have been hungry for the heavy tonal swipe this style of music used to be made of, it couldn’t be arriving at a better time. The hype around this band has been ridiculous, but when listening to this track, I can’t debate its credibility.


The first thing that really grabs me in “Radiance” is the quaking groove, which is the perfect bench atop which the band is able to pile all of their melodic angst. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, but it’s about execution versus substance in this performance – much as it would have been during the heyday of arena rock some forty years ago. This doesn’t completely make the song a throwback; I actually think there’s too much of a broad concept with the hook for this to have worked in the past, and the high-grade sound makes the music all the more immersive.



Ensuring that rock fans have exciting moments to look forward to in the future is no small task no matter how you slice it, but The Dead Daisies don’t mind the responsibility judging from the looks of “Radiance.” This has been a trying era for rock n’ roll given the cratering effect of the pandemic on live music for nearly two years, but thanks to the persistence of what we’re getting in this group’s material, I doubt things are going to grow boring for observers anytime in the near future.


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