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Single Review: Denise Marsa “FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)”

It’s 2022, and if you’re a singer/songwriter trying to make a name for yourself in the American underground, you’ve got to be a lot bolder than you did some ten years ago.

The competition is thick and the pressure to do something original is major, and perhaps inspired by these factors when stepping into the recording studio, Denise Marsa submits the new single and music video “FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)” as her own strike at making something potently unique enough to draw positive reactions from critics and discriminating indie audiences all the same.

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“FLOAT” is thoroughly more engaging than some of the other crossover singles I’ve listened to this summer largely thanks to the physicality of its mastering, which allows for the instruments to have equal footing with an otherwise overpoweringly melodic vocal from Marsa herself. She’s quite a brilliant singer, and it’s only because of the stripped-down arrangement in this track that we’re really able to appreciate how deftly she can navigate even a complicated groove that would be a lot less forgiving to anyone else who had given this same song a shot. If this is par for the course, I can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.



Fans of indie singer/songwriters who simply refuse to play by the rules of any one genre in particular should be quite pleased with the sounds of “FLOAT (The Cowgirl & The Alien)” this month, and even with the eccentricities of both the song and the music video it inspired taken into account, this is still one of the easier tracks of its kind to get into at the moment. Experimental as it might be, “FLOAT” is also a melodic dream-weaver that wants for us to appreciate its glowing implied surrealism, which is exactly what I’ve been doing since first listening to it just a couple of weeks ago.


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