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Album Review: “Casper” Mark Henry Ham

Singer/songwriter Mark Henry Ham captures pure joy on his new album Casper. By blending the atmospheric nature of Americana with modern influences Ham carves a spot for himself in the rock world. With vibrant melodies and detailed lyrics every song on Casper tells a story. Ham uses his eclectic taste in music to craft feel-good songs that speak to the heart. Even when he’s singing about more serious topics there’s still an undeniable warmth that is woven into the membrane of Casper. It feels like almost every song on Casper was designed to be listened to on the highway in a car with no AC. That’s the magic of Ham’s artistry, each song conjures a desire and a memory at the same time instantly bringing you comfort while inspiring you to embrace the moment.

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Ham often employs rich guitar riffs that immediately put you into a groovy state you don’t want to leave. These melodies range from classic rock to country and back again but they all share the same raucous spirit. The production on Casper feels homegrown in a good way. There’s a texture and aura to every track that feels thoughtful and nostalgic. You can tell a lot of love went into recording this album which is why it makes you feel better after you listen to it. Casper has an everyman quality to it that sets it apart as an Americana album. The riff’s and melodies are completely original but there’s this undeniable sensation of familiarity that makes Ham’s music so special. It evokes the same feelings you get when you listen to a song you love for the first time in a long time. This is rare quality for a musician to have but it makes Casper a deeply evocative and nostalgic listening experience.

One of Casper’s stand out traits is the lyrics; vivid, honest, and heartfelt. Ham maintains a unique perspective throughout the 12 track album often using self-reflection to tell stories. Most tracks on Casper act as time machines, sending you back to specific moments and feelings in Ham’s life. From there he uses idyllic yet simple lyrics to convey what he’s learned from specific moments or relationships. It doesn’t always feel like he’s reminiscing either, it often feels like Ham is examining his life and learning from it. The essence of growth is peppered throughout Casper. So many songs on this album immerse you into Ham’s memories, creating instant visuals that feel like they could’ve happened to you. “Whatever Happened To Katie” and “Casper” submerge you in another time entirely with catchy hooks and honest lyrics. It’s safe to say that Mark Henry Ham is a master of tone and vibes.

Casper has a wide variety of songs on it that stem from Blues to Classic Rock. This artistic openness and musical interest is what makes this album so well rounded. The songs flip between giddy upbeat tracks about life and softer more serious track about life’s difficulties. Not all musicians could flip between subject matters and genres with such ease but Ham was built for it. His vocal range allows him to excel when he sings folk and when he’s singing a rock anthem. He uses different techniques to achieve each, resulting in a multidimensional performance that adds an immense amount of texture to each song. Ham’s versatility allows him to be an artist without limits, which is what makes Casper so captivating.

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Mark Henry Ham makes a name for himself with Casper. Ham will uplift you with tales from his youth and melodies that will make you want to groove. Casper is the perfect album to kick back and relax to all summer long. Ham is at such an exciting point in his career, I’m so excited to see what else Ham has up his sleeve and where he will take his boundless sound. Get brought back to life with Mark Henry Ham’s Casper, out now!


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