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Single Review: Sole Oceanna “Not Feelin’ It.”

A truly euphoric sound, Sole Oceanna delivers a powerful message with “Not Feelin’ It.” Dance rock, pop, hip-hop, and more all filter into the fray, for the track swirls about in a magical way. Everything about it stuns, from the sheer size of the atmosphere to the rather playful grooves that guide it along. Her voice does tap into some of the newer singers out there, like Sky Ferreira, in terms of its sense of intimacy. Layer upon layer filters into the work, featuring an atmospheric presence to it. Neon-hued with its splendor, she holds nothing back while easily riding that beat.

She comes right out of the gate with a full rush. The rhythm section here has the confidence to it. Her voice has a confrontational quality, a true stunner. Volume is an absolute must, and lyrics feature a playfulness – the evolution of the groove has a number of twists and turns. Guitar riffs come in at the right time to further punctuate her words. Almost hyper-pop at times, the way things start and stop on a dime reflects an extreme level of creativity. For all the experimentation she brings into the fray, it retains an infectious hook that keeps the listeners hooked all throughout.

“Not Feelin’ It.” revels in the true swagger of Sole Oceanna and undeniably exhibits her outstanding stagecraft.

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