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Single Review: Black Sweater – Moves Like You

Black Sweater is a two-piece band based out of San Diego, formed by brothers Caleb and Sam Sheffield. Together, they’ve been steadily releasing singles since 2021, all the way up to today’s song on review, “Moves Like You.” The single is a soft, smooth indie rock piece that’s based on the true story of Sam dealing with a messy post-breakup.

Black Sweater claim to be inspired by bands like The Strokes and Cigarettes After Sex, and from the very beginning of “Moves Like You,” these influences are clear. It’s svelte, cool, and smooth in all the best ways, and even though its influences are clear, it also shows off how Black Sweater iterate on the sounds they like to make something unique and fresh.

Bass lines and soft piano hits fill the song’s low end, paired with backing vocals and the occasional synth hit. Main guitar riffs are used sparsely but to great effect when they do come in. They’re dreamy and sweet, giving the song a nice, nostalgic feel, especially when paired up with the piano. It’s just such a musically pleasant-sounding song, from its opening notes all the way to its ending.

“Moves Like You” sounds rich and full, despite keeping its arrangement simple and clean. Clever use of echoes and layering makes for a dense and sweet song, and we’ve nothing to complain about with it. The production is simply excellent, especially when it comes to how neatly the vocals fit into the song. They’re slightly recessed and soft but still come through nice and clear when needed.

Speaking of which, we’re quite impressed by the vocal performance here. It perfectly highlights the song’s theme, that being the mixed feelings of longing, anger, and confusion that come post-break-up. It’s pushed ever further by how things are being handled by both parties, which leads to our lead feeling stressed and dazed, even more so than before.

Overall, “Moves Like You” is a fantastic indie rock piece that’s professionally done and absolutely worth a listen. Black Sweater really show their passion for their work in this one, with every single moment being immaculately performed and produced. This single is set to be part of a full-length album titled “That Girl I Knew,” and if it carries this level of quality, then we can’t wait to hear it.

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