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Single Review: Sonic Rebel “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)”

With the lofty and ambitious titles that a lot of pop singles get, it isn’t very often that a track lives up to its name – hence, when a work like Sonic Rebel’s “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” comes around, you don’t easily forget about it. “This Vibe” comes 100% as advertised, with its melodic disposition being designed exclusively with the idea of putting a mood into our minds with rhythm over rhyme. Who needs a conventional hook when you’ve got textural presence of this nature? Sonic Rebel doesn’t, and that’s something any listener will pick up on in this track.

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Rather than trying to fumble around with lyricism and a guest singer that probably wouldn’t have put the same spin on the narrative that pure instrumentation does, we’re given a piece that is without verses in “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” that feels more communicative than the standard allows for. I don’t know that words would have been able to capture the essence of what this single is all about; it’s a mood, a vibration between pulses in the rhythm that can’t be broken down easily, let alone with linguistics that can barely describe passion, to begin with.



If you like the club but don’t feel like stepping out on a late-night this weekend, Sonic Rebel’s “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” has a heady sip from the goblet of indulgent dancefloor lifestyles ready for the taking. Remixes can be a hit-or-miss affair, but this is an instance where chemistry and charisma are working for all of the players involved, and perhaps granting us a better look into what these artists are able to accomplish when there’s nothing to come between their ambitions and what the tangible, finished material might sound like on a good pair of speakers.


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