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Single Review: Dici “Left To Right”

Right off the bat in “Left to Right,” whether we’re listening to the opening bars of the song by themselves or watching the music video made in support of this single’s release, it’s obvious there’s something different about Dici here. If you’ve listened to Dici’s work in the past, you probably associate it with a more isolated tonal backdrop than what this song starts up with, and as we get deeper into the music and the verses come into the picture, it’s more than obvious that we’re listening to someone who has evolved and just might be ready for the next level in his hip-hop journey.

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Where the music video embodies more of an aggressive look than I’m used to seeing from Dici, the track itself has a rocking rhythm that could get the party started in a manner his more balladic rap songs just couldn’t. Don’t get me wrong – I like the introspective content this player has worked on previously, but he sounds a lot more cathartic in his attack here than what I was anticipating when I first got a pre-release copy of “Left to Right.” If this is a long-term direction shift, it’s one I can certainly get into.



It isn’t often that I’m able to say this about an artist in the often over-hyped Miami scene, but the buzz that Dici has got isn’t just real; it’s leading to some really inventive music that critics like myself had been hoping it would. “Left to Right” is a song about movement, as its title indicates to us before we ever press the play button, and if it has the same effect on this rapper’s chart presence as it’s inevitably going to have on club-goers, we’re going to be hearing Dici’s name quite a bit over the summer.


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