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Single Review: BadCameo – “Friday Night Time Warp”

BadCameo brings the funk with a modern flair on the party-starting “Friday Night Time Warp.” Everything about the album is in homage to the 70s, the true heyday of funk, from the Earth, Wind and Fire vibes to the sheer grooves intensity of Kool & The Gang. Volume is a given, for there is absolutely no way or reason to play this quiet. The interplay amongst the band has a righteous tenor to it, for it goes hard from beginning to end. Nods to groups like the Ohio Players are unavoidable, as is their adherence to DFA Records’ distinct riotous template.

An indie-rock vibe weaves through the easy-going attitude of “Healin’,” for the song has a spirited rhythm section behind it. The buildup of the sound has a robust quality to it, with the vocals working double-time to truly sell it, as it ends in a wonderful communal celebration. Impossible to not smile at is the swinging good time of “Funk Train” for the guitars attack with angular precision. By far, the highlight is the decadent summer jam of “Dolce & Gabbana.” It has a solid construction to it and will certainly make you dance.

“Friday Night Time Warp” features the incredible hooks of BadCameo as they continue their quest to put the fun back in funk.





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