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Post-Punk Band, Bellhead Unveils The Storytelling-Inspired, “Nothing As It Seems”


June 20, 2022 – Chicago Post-Punk duo Bellhead have recently unleashed their new single, “Nothing As It Seams.”

The concept of “Nothing As It Seems” was influenced by the storytelling in films such as Dark City and Memento as well as Noir Detective tales like Double Identity and Maltese Falcon.

The narrator in the song is attempting to solve the unsolvable case while running out of time and options. How does the song end? Does our detective solve the case or does something unfortunate happen to him? Guess you’ll have to listen to find out.

“Nothing As it Seems”  brings Bellhead back to their industrial roots. Says the band, “We never really had an intention to be in a specific genre, or even to blend genres. We just wanted to make music that was enjoyable for us, and that we hoped people would also like. You’ll hear aspects of anything from Nine Inch Nails to Magazine, to Death from above, from Killing Joke to Johnny Cash with a lot of 70’s Bowie thrown in.”

Bellhead  are planning their 2022 touring dates which include providing support for Goth Icons Christian DeathPowerman5000StoneburnerChantEmpathy Test and the Los Angeles dark electronic duo Night Club.

6/25/33 @ Art’s Happening Festival, Rockford IL

6/26/22 @ Burlington Bar, Chicago IL
w/Alice and Won’t Stay Dead

6/27/22 @ Crucible, Madison WI
w/Al1ce and I.X.XI

7/9/2022 @ Bowlero, Royal Oak MI
w/ Vazum

7/20/22 @ Nashville, TN
w/ Stoneburner and Chant

8/26/22 @ Sk8bar, St. Joseph MO
w/ Hate Dept

8/27/22 @ Sinkhole, St. Louis MO
w/The Cult Sounds, Gary Roberts and Community,
& Captain Spacetime

10/6/22 @ Darkotica, Cincinnati OH
w/Empathy Test and Ghostfeeder

10/7/22 @ One27 Main, Morgantown Ky

10/14/22 @ Wolf Hollow, Rockford, Illinois
w/The Funeral March

11/4/22 @ Liars Club Chicago Illinois
w/ Hate Dept and Won’t Stay Dead

11/5/22  @ TBA Wisconsin
w/ Hate Dept, Lockjaw and Am.Psych

“Nothing As It Seems” is available in digital and limited CD formats via Bandcamp, NOW.

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