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Single Review: LA Laura Paris “Kissing Boys”

Bodies are joining together much as rhythm and melody will throughout the whole of LA Laura Paris’ music video for “Kissing Boys,” and whether you’re a hardcore pop fan or not, the allure of this release might prove too strong for anyone to resist. There’s a lot of buzz around this single right now, and it’s got a lot more to do with the aesthetical mashup LA Laura Paris is delivering than it does anything she’s doing in the video made in support of the song’s release. She’s cutting into some very postmodern content here and making it look and sound like second nature.

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The instrumental foundation of “Kissing Boys” is its bassline, with the percussion serving as the only element strong enough to relegate its tonal presence from the delicate place where we find the lead vocal, but at no time does this singer sound like she’s running for her life ahead of a monstrous melody. She’s comfortable with these oversized club vibes and basks in the conservative backdrop of the music all too seamlessly for this to be a front, and to me, this song could definitely serve as the cornerstone of an entire studio album.



I didn’t know anything about LA Laura Paris before discovering her music amidst all of the attention that her new single and its music video are lending her at the moment, but after taking in “Kissing Boys,” I think it’s rather strange that she’s managed to remain an underground secret this long. She’s got a lot more attitude than Billie and less self-righteousness than Olivia, and with the kind of demand that we’re seeing for this kind of clandestine club beat she’s pumping out “Kissing Boys” with, it’s only a matter of time before she finds her mainstream break from the underground scene.


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