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Album Review: A Fragile Tomorrow “It’s Better That Way”

A Fragile Tomorrow imbues their powerful sound with politically charged lyrics on “It’s Better That Way”. With the departure of one of their original founding members Dominic Kelly who is pursuing a career in political activism, they reflect the importance of standing up to large, menacing organizations whose very existence are an affront to the liberty that defines the United States. Thus, their songs feature pointed critiques on the prison-industrial complex. Nor are they focused on the sad aspects; they focus on the importance of unions on the American system (they got us weekends for anybody who forgets) and forgoing conformity in exchange for following one’s own path forward.

Everybody on the band appears to be working overtime to create a sound thoughtful and compassionate. Sean Kelly and Brendan Kelly share songwriting duties, as well as both wielding dual guitars. Note I stated dual and not dueling. The two are in sync with each other, weaving their work together in a way that makes it a vast tapestry. Nor are they alone. Shaun Rhoades and Josh Kean round out the rhythm section, playing bass and drums respectively. How does it sound? Well, they take the best bits of the 90s, of alternative rock from that era, and bring it forward into the modern moment. They bridge that gap between nostalgia and something highly contemporary.

“It’s Better That Way” features a truly remarkable group of artists, ones unafraid to bring together the personal and political in an album that radiates with such life.

-Greg Barr

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