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Kel Adore Illustrates Delusional Perception in “Happy Again”

Kel Adore is one of the strongest songwriters at emotional storytelling and creative lyricism in this new wave of pop music. Grounded within her new sound, upcoming singer-songwriter Kel Adore accompanies listeners on a path of understanding the confusing emotions upon finding out they are only one part of their lover’s life. Hoping to one day be “Happy Again” by their side, Adore validates listeners that the grieving process of losing who you thought someone was, in any type of relationship, is extremely real.

Rejecting the thought of leaving someone you love, while coming to terms with such an ugly truth is overwhelming. Questioning self worth, intention, and image, this process leaves many feeling lonely and misunderstood. However, Adore comforts listeners, acting as their friend, with her straightforward lyrics. She uses well-thought imagery in her emotionally connecting lyrics to tell the raw story of how such a realization weighed on her own heart as well. The grieving process is hard enough, let alone having to make sure you give yourself time to feel and grieve before making the next decision in your relationship. You can hear glistens of hope for happier, better days in the future, as Adore pushes the grieving audience towards making their next move, whatever that may be. Although these decisions can be very different from person to person, all listeners can find solace within her unique musical color. Watch the “Happy Again” Lyric Video here: https://youtu.be/OdEn3RSKfl4.

Every part of this track succeeds in illustrating the complexities of such a situation. The composition itself comforts listeners as it opens with simple beats into a progression of multiple musical elements to form a collaboration of bright, driven sounds. With her story-telling style, Kel Adore proves that she has been there. Doubled with the repetition of, “we’ll be happy again” she ignites a double meaning – reminding those listening that happiness can come again through whichever decision they make – whether that be forgiveness or leaving the one they thought their happiness relied on. It is all in your hands, and she reinforces this message that the person who knows what’s best for you is always yourself.

Kel Adore has added this track alongside her debut single, “Fool for the Pain” to her discography of reassuring anthems that feed the soul. Anticipating her 2022 debut EP, music has always been a part of Kel’s story, and you can be a part of it too. Updates on her latest plans and releases can be found below.

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