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Interview: Teyquil talks “Girlz On Bikes”

Welcome to Music Existence!  We are chatting today with Teyquil. Can you tell us about yourself and how you got into music? 

Hello, Music Existence! It is an absolute pleasure to be here and thanks so much for having me. A bit about me, well, I am an introvert but eventually, I unfold out of my shell once I feel comfortable around people/in a setting. I am an observer and love discovering new things whether it’s something new about a person or a piece of information of some sort. I am a nerd in overdrive to a degree when it comes to those odd, yet, subtle things in general hahahaha. Music has always been around me, from my grandmother down to my late parents. There was always something musical occurring in my upbringing from my mom recording music and my dad singing in groups when I was a kid. I fell in love with what they were doing and wanted to do the exact same, and so here I am in the flesh, living the dream.

We are so excited for your new release ‘Girlz on Bikes’. Is there a story behind the single? 

There isn’t really a story behind the song but rather an incentive that inspired me to acknowledge the topic. So, I was on an afternoon commute to clear my head and get inspired musically while walking in my neighborhood. The sun was shining, the weather was warm and inviting but somehow the weather nor anything else gave me what I needed to open up creatively. Anyways, as I continued on my journey, I got hit with a swift wind from someone passing by on a bike. It startled me a little because it happened so fast. I turned around to see who it was that flew by so quickly. When I managed to turn full circle, I saw a beautiful girl with long hair, high water pants and an oversized shirt with lots of colors, fixing something on her bicycle. After a few seconds of witnessing something so simple, yet, so damn adorable, lyrics just started pouring out of me like uncontrollable water from a kitchen faucet. I was excited and so very creatively open, that I went home immediately to start making music and that was how this song came to light. Talk about inspiration!

Which artist has had the greatest impact on your sound and why? 

Whoa, great question. I have a couple that inspire me actually. If I had to choose though, it would be Robyn. Robyn’s artistry, ability, and creativity to do something different and out of the norm is fascinating to me. I love her risk taking to reach leaps and bounds in ways other artists don’t usually, it gives me such optimism to go out on a limb myself as an artist to create something abstract and awesome for people to discover and enjoy. I just love her!!!

Now that things are opening back up, do you have any plans for a tour this year?

I love that things are opening back up and that people are adjusting to a seemingly, possible normalcy again. As far as tours, I am currently looking into doing shows in and out of the city right now as my Ep will be dropping next month on 6/23 so a tour will truly be a gain for me. Fingers crossed!!!

What are you most excited about with this release? What can fans expect to hear? 

I am excited for people to hear this track and look forward to people’s thoughts on it. I am also excited to perform this tune someday soon, so that should be a true highlight for me down the line. The fans on the other hand, can expect loads of bass, cool harmonies, emotional connections in parts of the song and ongoing head nods  throughout. I think they’ll be pleased hahaha.

Where can we find you on socials and check out more of your music? 

Yes, you can find my socials here to check out more of my music. Thanks so much again for taking time to speak with me.

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