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Remembering Some of the Most Iconic Bands in Rock History

You cannot forget about songs like ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Highway to Hell’ and more because they are classics. They are songs that inspired a generation of talent and made them powerful enough to compose music of their own.

If Motorhead never came into the rock scene, we wouldn’t have had Metallica, who have repeatedly mentioned that Motorhead, especially the late Lemmy Kilmister, was one of their biggest inspirations.

So remembering these iconic bands will remind you of what they have achieved because they did so even before some of us were born and we are talking about them even after some of them have left earth.

  • The Beatles 

The ‘Fab Four’ not only blessed us with new and good music they also ensured that you will be listening to them long after they have gone. Having had their share of controversy, four lads from Liverpool decided to bless the world with music and started producing the same under the name ‘The Beatles’.

Soon after their hits inspired people, they were not only famous in their own country but around the world. Everyone was listening to The Beatles and it came to a point where you couldn’t listen to anything else.

It was either The Beatles or complete silence because that was how dominant they were in the music scene.

  • Led Zeppelin 

Talking about the influential power of The Beatles should in no way undermine what Led Zeppelin created for themselves and for the world to digest. The iconic band from London came in during a time when there wasn’t a stairway to go to heaven but through their music, they made everything possible.

Springing rock through every single breath of theirs, Led Zeppelin showed the world that it was okay to let loose and that it was great to listen to Rock n Roll. Their music continues to dominate the charts even today and there’s always a chance you will listen to someone playing the song, be it your friend or even a new mobile casino UK.

Hence, ‘Led Zeppelin’ as Jack Black shouts was iconic and will continue to be so until the earth decides to stop revolving around the sun.

  • Pink Floyd 

Iconic is too small of a word to describe the legends that Pink Floyd were. Albums such as the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’, ‘The Wall’ and the less popular but classic ones such as ‘Obscured by the Clouds’ all hang tall among Rock’s legendary collection of albums that will inspire you and make you move.

Beginning their era in the mid-60s, Pink Floyd along with the late Syd Barret went around the world to showcase the fine tunes of Psychedelic rock and made people lose themselves in their music. Classics such as ‘Wish You Were Here’, ‘Comfortably Numb’, ‘High Hopes’ and more are remembered to this day and someone might be listening to them at this minute.

So like the rest of the names on this list, Pink Floyd was a legendary band that was respected all around the world.

  • The Rolling Stones 

The Rolling Stones were quick to take some of the ground left open by The Beatles. But you cannot take something away from another iconic band without being iconic yourself. And that is The Rolling Stones showed the world that there are other names in Rock.

Pioneering the genre with Mick Jagger’s loose vocals and Mick Taylor’s electric guitar, The Rolling Stones established a lineup that is hard to replace to this day. Their lineup of talent is second to none because legends cannot be replaced.

Thanks to that, The Rolling Stones have got their ticket in a list of icons that will forever be remembered.

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