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YNF Pronto’s “Sweet Dreams” Slaps

The Maryland Hip-Hop scene is buzzing with YNF Pronto’s latest album release, Sweet Dreams, and soon the rest of the country will be bobbing their heads to YNF Pronto. His music combines melodic hooks with straight fire raps. His music production is clean and well-produced, elevating this young MC to new heights as an artist.

Unlike other MCs, YNF Pronto is not afraid to experiment. He is confident in his voice and will often sing the hooks himself. His singing voice is smooth and flows naturally with his rhymes. His biggest influences include Drake, Key Glock, Future, and Playboi Carti. Though you can hear YNF Pronto’s influences in his music, make no mistake, your boy YNF Pronto has his own style and sound.

In his 2022 album release Sweet Dreams, YNF Pronto collaborates with Maryland Hip-Hop rapper Envyeraj and producer 1kTele to drop infectious beats and sharp rhymes. The tracks “4PF- 2 Bags of 23’s,” “Squad,” “Right Here, Right Now,” and “Rainfall” are among the album’s best tracks. YNF Pronto has this way with his words that make you want to bounce your head to the tracks as he explores the struggles with his own ambitions, the life of a young Hip-Hop artist, and the streets of Maryland.

Though YNF Pronto is a young Hip-Hop artist, don’t be fooled by his youth. YNF Pronto has already released two albums, Sweet Dreams (2022) and YNF World (2020), as well as the singles “Frosty Freestyle,” “Gelato,” and “The Follow Up.” You would be hard-pressed to find a more dedicated MC. YNF Pronto is in the game for the long haul, pursuing his goals of achieving Hip-Hop fame and growing his fan base. His collaborations with Joony and producer 1kTele will ensure that YNF Pronto becomes a household name among Hip-Hop heads everywhere.

In the song “Squad,” YNF Pronto explores the emotions of rolling deep with your squad, dripping with style, and soldiering through the streets. Though all the songs on the album slap, “Right Here, Right Now” is grounded in the emotional roller coaster of having a relationship. The song goes back and forth with YNF Pronto and Envyeraj flowing about the intricacies of love, adoration, and relationships.

If you’re a true Hip-Hop head, you’ll give YNF Pronto a listen. His latest album, Sweet Dreams, is available on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, and YouTube. I’ve included the links below. Do yourself and favor and listen to YNF Pronto’s new album, Sweet Dreams.


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