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Single Review: Said the Sky “Walk Me Home (featuring Illenium and Chelsea Cutler)”

When a collaboration is getting a lot of good buzz in the indie press, there’s a reason for it, and for Said the Sky’s “Walk Me Home (featuring Illenium and Chelsea Cutler),” that reason is the fiery chemistry of the three players who made it. Where Illenium and Said the Sky craft a sterling canvas, it’s Cutler who is spilling incredibly bright paints onto it, illustrating a vitality in this single that is hard for any artist to come up with, let alone three musicians as unique as these are. It’s an inviting performance, and one that comes to us surprisingly arrogance-free.

Cutler’s emotional vocal track extends the presence of the strings exponentially in my opinion, and I don’t know that the guitar parts would sound as transcendent as they do were there a different singer other than this talented songstress at the helm of the microphone.

Her verses don’t ride these beats – they’re a part of them, which is why she’s able to shape so much of the mood in this single without having to overemphasize her voice next to the instrumental indulgences that are cropping up all around her. She’s never intimidated, and neither are her collaborators.

The music video for “Walk Me Home” adds to the story at hand a bit and makes me consider the balladic properties of the lyrics a little more than I already would have, which is ideal with a visualizer in general. All in all, I don’t think pop fans can go wrong with the indie stylings of Said the Sky, Illenium and Chelsea Cutler this spring, and if you haven’t had the opportunity to hear any of their individual work before listening to “Walk Me Home,” I believe this is a release that will leave you very curious for more.

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