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Mass Experience Live Up to Their Name With Nostalgic Sounding LP, “Pleasure And Purge”

Sydney, Australia based duo, Mass Experience, deliver a new, must listen LP, nodding to 90’s era vocal house/electronic foundations.

“Pleasure And Purge’ is my journey through what I call the ‘awfulness,’ rebelling against shame, rediscovering beauty and my playful nature.”— Katie M. Little

Mass Experience have signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound. “Pleasure And Purge” is Mass Experience’s synth-infused love language and story of overcoming by two longtime club comrades. Pairing early 90’s rave, indie-electronica and 60’s inspired psychedelia, Mass Experience comes out of a desire to keep people of all ages and backgrounds inspired. Co-producers, Katie M. Little and Timothy Poulton take their love language to unique dimensions within a world of minimal house and electronically percussive soundscapes. They signal to the importance of strong melodic components with an enticing story line throughout their upcoming nine-track LP.

‘Pleasure And Purge’ is the second Mass Experience album. The follow up to ‘Sitting with Demons’ was about not being able to run away from uncomfortable situations or feelings, while this new album is about discovering how to heal yourself and remembering how to feel joy. This is clear based on the uplifting lyricism that Katie weaves effortlessly throughout the project.

“I basically had a nervous breakdown after both my parents died and had to figure out how to put the pieces of myself back together. I lost all my confidence, inspiration, and faith in my intuition which has always been my compass in life,” Katie says. ‘Pleasure And Purge’ is my journey through what I call the “awfulness”, rebelling against shame, rediscovering beauty and my playful nature.”

Opening tracks like ‘Mother’, ‘Take Me Away,’ ‘Pleasure And Purge’ and ‘Rise Up’ (the first released single) allow love to pour in and force any self-deprecation to take a backseat. Listeners are caressed by the bright synthesizers, vocal messages of positivity, and dance to glitchy-rawness: some core elements of sound that are part of Mass Experience’s shared imagination.

‘Visions’ is the halfway point of the project, delineating a deep connection to the greater source. DJs and producers alike will come to appreciate the narrative woven within this project, as the 6th track ‘Born Trippin’ is a plot twist to the storyline. The chaotic elements of life are remembered, and the lead narrator becomes swept away by its challenge. It’s tormenting and beautiful at the same time.

‘’The one thing that’s gotten me through the hardest moments of my life has been honesty. As dark as the purge of awfulness was, I stuck to the philosophy that all I could be was honest. I only took on creative work where I felt safe…whenever I release new music something amazing happens in my life, so I’m very excited to release this album ‘Pleasure And Purge’ because it has some beautiful healing tracks on it, particularly the final track ‘The Sun’ which I wrote about my best friend and my husband, without whom I could never have found my way through,’’ Katie says.

It’s clear that Mass Experience has a passion and purpose that constantly stokes their internal fire. The music is not only brilliant, but it is nostalgic and familiar even for new listeners. Mass Experience is thrilled to bring this new sound and energy back to dance floors and digital streamers across the globe.

Mass Experience is Katie M. Little and Timothy Poulton.They met twenty-five years ago with a desire fused by a love of emerging technologies and the explosion of dance music that blew their young indie-music minds – and they have not stopped creating since.

From spinning breakbeat and promoting some of Sydney’s most legendary underground rave parties in the 90s, to designing many of the scene’s most iconic club flyers and record label artwork as selftaught graphic artists, Katie and Timothy are living and breathing their art forms. They formed Mass Experience in order to work collaboratively again, drawing on the vast history of musical influences inspiring them over the years. Their vision is to energize people around the world, to live authentic lives motivated by passion, love, and to get up and dance!

“An absolute must listen.” – Amplify


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