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Edwrd offers his debut track, “Dgaf No Mo”

The head-nodding production “Dgaf No Mo” by rising musician Edwrd has brought a sense of refreshment to the ears of all the listeners. Brilliant collaboration with Grammy Award-winning mixer/master sound engineer James Auwarter has given the track a unique touch. “Dgaf No Mo” talks about experiencing life’s pain and turning it into a strength. The artist has shown what a perfectly blended song sounds like. The loud beats and background instrumentals match the rhythm of the lyrics in the track. The level of creativity is simply unbeatable.

The Dallas-based music artist has started crafting his legacy with an enthusiastic and dedicated approach. His other track, “Everything,” also goes on to prove the immense potential that he is carrying. No compromise has been made in providing high-quality beats and crisp music in each of the artist’s songs. Having worked with notable vocal tracking engineer Casper J Coda, photographers, videographers, and content creators, Edwrd started captivating the hearts of his audience. Although he’s been successful as a businessman, he decided to pursue a music career after making music for over a decade in obscurity. Indeed, this is just the start for Edwrd, and we can’t wait to see what he can bring to the table next.

“Dgaf No Mo” is now streaming on Spotify. Follow Edwrd on Instagram to know more about him.

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