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Released via Not A Sound Entertainment, ‘No Jumper’ by recording artist DBIZZ is out!

‘No Jumper’ by emcee DBIZZ is a hip-hop track meant for those who believe in hard work and dream to achieve everything they want by walking on the path of hardships. It motivates and excites listeners to be perseverant in their endeavors. The song is naturally infectious, energetic, and creative. Combining some instrumental characteristics of 90s music with the twist of vinyl noise, the song has won the hearts of thousands of people since its release. Moreover, the artist’s dedication and passion for music have been reflected in the song, which has made the song musically multilayered and uplifting.

The driving force behind composing the song is to energize people with undiluted motivation and inspiration for life and make them focused on their goals. The artist seems to be successful in his purpose as the song hits the hearts of his listeners and connects to them uniquely. DBIZZ’s music is also characterized by unpredictable musical elements which have added qualitative layers to the song. Hailing from San Diego, California, DBIZZ has also performed with Mally Mall and Too Short, which paved his path for working with Sada Baby, Nef the Pharaoh, and others.

Mainly employing some reverb and delay, the song exhibits a lot of ebbs and flow in its musical arrangement. However, the song is majorly empowered by his prolific quality of songwriting. It introduces some authentic lyrical elements to the genre. Appropriate use of poetic techniques and rhetoric has justified the subject matter of the song. In a conversational tone, it energizes the listeners with his balanced-paced rhythmic speeches. In a word, the song ‘No Jumper’ by the versatile hip-hop artist, DBIZZ, is worthwhile to listen to. This track is now streaming on Spotify and the artist is also active on Instagram, where he connects with his followers. Don’t miss it!


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