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Single Review: Stacy Gabel “Sunny Days”

Full of bliss and the overwhelming feeling that the sky really is the limit – singer and songwriter Stacy Gabel casts a wide array of light and love in her new single, “Sunny Days”. As Spring approaches and the days become longer, what better reminder to reach up and feel the sunrise and the love all around us then this simple Americana tune. Armed with just an acoustic guitar and voice that could motivate a rock to get up and dance, Gabel replenishes what has been awash the past few years. With so much of the world in darkness right now, it’s songs like “Sunny Days” that bring light and hope to the forefront.

Strumming like she’s been playing the tune in her head for hours and hours, the moving music bed is akin to the song’s spirit. Fluttering about like a dancing butterfly, the acoustic guitar opens up to a melodious soundscape that feels as big as the Grand Canyon. It’s also humbling and evocative of a galloping wild horse. It’s dainty and determined all-at-once. The guitar is an adjacent beacon to Gabel’s vocals. Her guiding voice paints those sunrays in a way that feels very cozy and comforting. Like the guitar, the tones are friendly.



It would be easy to pigeonhole Gabel into the Hallmark world of music. You feel good listening to her songs, and she sure makes a big effort to make you feel loved. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this. I think if you pair this song with her previous release, “Stir Crazy” you start to see a bigger picture with Gabel and her work. She has a definite tone but she expands her range and her subject matter. She keeps it personal and open-diary but doesn’t dwell on the bad things. I’m not going to fall for that trap of pigeonholing her music. It’s more than just lovey dovey stuff happening here. She has a real voice and she sings about real things. Isn’t that what great art is all about?

As listeners we also want instant gratification. “Sunny Days” certainly checks off that box. It answers the call to be immediately ear-catching and easy to bop-along too. I found myself rooting for Gabel, well, because she’s just so darn likeable and relatable. We all want that happy ending and unless you’re the most cynical person on earth, don’t you want to have a great day and share it with someone that makes you feel just so thrilled to be alive? This song encapsulates the feeling of encouragement and true love. Gabel has that magic factor going for her and she has found a way to carve out this little niche of a sound in all that she does. I love that about her, and I think her fans and fans that have yet to discover her music, always appreciate that about her too. Why be sad when you can be happy? Choose happiness. Choose “Sunny Days” by Stacy Gabel to beat the winter blues.


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