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Is M1LES the Future King of Social Media Musicians?

James Miles, better known by his followers as M1LES (Miles), has been setting a blaze to TikTok, Instagram and across the internet with his music. As we all know in the past years TikTok has shown up, branded our eyeballs with its 15 second videos, and stayed. It may be argued who the top TikTok Musicians currently are, but who is the next on top? This isn’t a simple question, but what one influencer is doing currently, makes me believe it’s him. M1LES, hailing from Colorado, has obtained over 380k followers on his TikTok accounts @MilesFromSpace (225k) and @MilesMovies (160k) and a whopping 65k on his Instagram, @MilesFromSpace. Using his entire spread of social media accounts, James has been able to 10,000x his growth, literally.


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