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Single Review: Baker Grace “Lullaby”

Sounding ethereal and audaciously addictive, Baker Grace instantly connects with the listener in the new single “Lullaby”. This pop track earworm spins a web of golden tendrils and pastels around the listener. Grace’s voice is angelic. A cloud of innocence and assurance spills out, leaving the air full of hope and dreamy tones. Diving into this one is a pure and wonderful escape. Grace is definitely one to watch and I have a feeling “Lullaby” is the springboard to her national presence.


One of the main reasons I loved the structure of the song is the way Grace sings the lyrics: so sing lalalalaby to me baby, I know you lalalalalie just to save me. She makes it sound so cute, and almost ticklish to the tongue. It’s a bit like Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper’s “Shallow” delivery. I found it so creative and so endearing when Grace sways the listener. You want to mimic her, but you can’t quite get the speed and the cadence she provides. She’s great.

“Lullaby” has a warmth about it – you feel safe listening to this song and you feel comfortable. I can tell that Grace has let her guard down. She sings relaxed and friendly. I think the subject matter might be different than what I’m imagining, but to me this song is about putting up a front to save the other person from hurt or embarrassment. Grace just wants the world to be okay and forget about the bad things or fights in the relationship.

This relationship is her world and she’s not going to give it up. She’s thinking of the good times and wants to live in those good moments. I think, too, when you hear a song like this you think of general pop songs where the girl is always lovey dovey and will do anything for love. I think this has layers of that, but it definitely has more depth than what you’re probably imagining. Grace has that magic in her voice, the kind that is really very rare. She sounds incredibly unique and the listener is simply transfixed by her vocals. This song could very well be the hit of the summer. It checks a lot of boxes – it gets stuck in your head and you can’t help but hum along to it, it’s fun, it’s caring and most of all, it’s entertaining.



Formerly known as Bitter’s Kiss, Grace released her debut EP in 2015 under that moniker. Her other most recent release is “Midnight Thoughts”. “Lullaby” is also slated to be on the Last Survivors soundtrack. The movie stars Alicia Silverstone, Drew Van Acker and Stephen Moyer. Grace’s accompanying music video follows the storyline to the movie and also keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. Baker Grace is from Weehawken, New Jersey. If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish, Lady Gaga and Colby Colette, I highly recommend listening to Baker Grace and falling down into the rabbit hole that is her music. You won’t be disappointed.


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